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Signature of the contract

How can I sign the contract?
To sign the contract, use the "next field required" button to quickly get to the "signature" field. If you need help follow the instructions in this short tutorial:

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Keesy Point

What is a Keesy Point?
Keesy Point is where the guests go to collect or deposit the keys. The Keesy Point can only be accessed by those who have the dedicated code; this code needs to be entered on the keypad positioned at the entrance which regulates the opening of the door. All the active Keesy Points are easy to reach by your guests because they are situated very close to the railway stations, airports or tube stops. The Keesy Points are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Click here to see the active Keesy Points
Is there an operator at Keesy Point?
No! It's a totally automated system, you'll only find an excellent fragrance, heating / air conditioning and 24/7 assistance ready to follow you at all check-in steps.


How does the delivery of the keys work for the check-in procedure?
Within the times of validity of the booking guest accesses the Keesy Point thanks to a unique and secret code which they receive by email together with all the check-in information. With the same code they can open the Key Box, to take the key and check in.
How does online check-in work with Keesy?
With Keesy guests can check in online through the app or website. If they opt for online check-in, they can complete all stages of the check-in process before they set off. Keesy's support team monitors the online check-in process step by step and verifies the guest's identity.

Luggage Storage

How much does the luggage deposit cost?

The cost of the luggage store may vary depending on the size of the Bag Boxes present in the Keesy Point.
In each Keesy Point you will find information on the price of the luggage deposit:

  • 1€/h Standard luggage (hand luggage)
  • 2€/h Extra-large luggage (hold baggage)


  • 1,50€/h Large luggage (hold baggage)

You could access using your Keesy code from 24h before your check-in to 24h after your check-out.

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