With Keesy Smart, your guests can open the door to your property with their smartphones!

Keesy Smart combines Keesy services and smart access to your apartment.
It only takes a few minutes to install and allows you to manage access to your property more securely and affordably. Plus, you can still use your previous access system (physical keys, badges, remote controls, keypad etc.) because it is installed alongside it.

Keesy Smart includes

  • 3 devices for smart access
  • a subscription to Keesy services to manage all bureaucracy: documents, payments, monitoring the status of your guests' check-in, and an unlimited number of access codes linked to the booking.

Your guests can check in online and open doors and gates to your property with their smartphone.
Before Keesy Smart activation there is a free survey.

Keesy Smart

49 euros a month for 12 months (excluding VAT)

No installation fee

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