Simple, like all the best ideas.

Keesy offers you a simple way to manage your guests' check-in/check-out, all bureaucracy and take payment for the accommodation and other services.

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Register and choose your Keesy service

Register and choose whether you would like the Digital or Box service. You can purchase a single check-in, a bundle, or choose a subscription.

Basic Box


Box Plus

Box Basic

You have a box available so that you can exchange keys; you will receive an access code which you can share with your guests
*service not available in Florence SMN, Roma Trastevere and Milano Centrale.


Box Plus

Enter your property details

Enter information about your properties. You can complete the description with photos and videos and add local information. The more information you enter, the happier your guests will be

Enter a booking

Add a booking for your guests: enter the name of the guests and the check-in and check-out date

Activate Keesy services

Choose from a number of Keesy options for a comprehensive service and keep all aspects of check-in under control

Invite your guest

Your guest will receive a message inviting them to check in online on the website or by downloading the app, and you will receive a series of notifications about the check-in to keep you up to date

Box Plus

Box Plus

There is an added bonus to the Box Plus: your keys are kept in a reserved box and your guest can collect them at any time

Deposit the keys

Within the 24-hour validity period for your booking, you can head to one of our points and deposit the keys in the box, using your personal code

Check-in at the Keesy point

Using the code sent by Keesy, your guest can access the Point and collect the keys. If the guest does not check in online, they can do so at the Point. You will receive a series of notifications about the check-in to keep you up to date

Services that make your life as a host easier

  • Guest ID verification
    Ask us to obtain your guests' documents to send to the local authorities. Keesy assistance follows a step-by-step check-in process and checks your guest's identity real time.
  • Sending the documents to the local authorities
    Let Keesy send the documents to the authorities for you within the time frames required by law.
  • Arranging for your property's Terms and Conditions to be signed
    Get your property's Terms and Conditions signed when your guests check in.
  • Collecting the tourist tax
    You can ask us to collect the tourist tax in line with the pricing and regulations in the relevant municipality.
  • Collecting payment for the accommodation and cleaning services at check-in
    Keesy allows the guest to pay for the accommodation and potentially the cleaning service.
  • Sending your guests the property codes
    If your apartment has a smart access device, Keesy can send the codes to your guest for you.