• Keesy

    Make your life as a host easier with self check-in

    Automated check-in/check-out, all documents and bureaucracy taken care of, payment taken for the accommodation and a range of other services.

  • Keesy

    No more waiting time, more time for you

    With the Keesy Box you can deposit your keys so that your guests can pick them up at any time.

  • Keesy

    Are you still waiting for your guest?

    Choose Keesy Smart that combines Keesy services and smart access to your apartment.

  • Keesy

    Make your life as a host easier with self check-in

    Automated check-in/check-out, all documents and bureaucracy taken care of, payment taken for the accommodation and a range of other services.

  • Keesy

    No more waiting time, more time for you

    With the Keesy Box you can deposit your keys so that your guests can pick them up at any time.

  • Keesy

    Are you still waiting for your guest?

    Choose Keesy Smart that combines Keesy services and smart access to your apartment.

Documents? Sent. Taxes? Paid. Guests? Checked in with Keesy

Control every aspect of check-in, giving your guests a warm welcome and useful tips, and manage the paperwork with ease.

Box Plus



Your guests' documents are collected and sent to the local authorities within the time frames required by law

Tourist tax

Tourist tax collected

Secure payments

Accommodation balance and cleaning service costs collected

Box Basic

Reserved box

Key collection and drop-off at the Keesy Point or Keesy Street*

Click here to find Keesy Points and Keesy Street

Are you a Property Manager or do you manage more than 3 properties?

Keesy Smart

Your guests check in and open the door to your property with their smartphone!


Keesy App

Download the app for a convenient way to use Keesy services from your smartphone whenever you like. You can book a check-in and check-out service at any time, keep up to date with any activity relating to your properties, see your purchase history, and contact the 24-hour support service open 365 days a year.

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What they say about us

  • Yesterday I did my first check in with Keesy. My American clients were enthusiastic and so was I. I will purchase 'package'; it's very useful if we, the hosts, cannot be present on their arrival. I want to share my guests' comment: "Check in went wonderfully. Thank you so much."

    Cristina - Host

  • Yesterday evening I used your key deposit service for the first time: it was quick and easy to use. My guests arrived from Hungary at night and checked in just as quickly, they were totally satisifed. Your idea is truly amazing!

    Carolina - Host

  • Due to the App Keesy we had the option for a 24 h access to the apartment and nice recommendations for dinner, sightseeing and shopping! The 24 h access was quite helpful and the organization very simple.

    Isabell - Guest

  • ..I decided to try this new service to treat myself to a holiday by the sea! Check in Saturday evening, everything went smoothly! Guests were happy to be free to organise themselves the way they wanted. Thanks Keesy!

    Elisa - Host

  • Very easy process very helpful!

    Taylor – Guest

  • ..during the bank holiday weekend in early June I tried Keesy. I was very satisifed and surprised of how practical the service is. Definitely worth trying again!

    Eugenia – Host

  • Excellent Service! Keesy is innovative, simple and quick. All my guests are satisfied. Thanks for your willingness and kindness. You guys are great!

    Giulia - Host

  • Every host knows what it's like to spend hours waiting.. Keesy has the solution! I can accomplish many things without compromising the satisfaction and happiness of my guests. And what about their service to deliver and deposit the keys? Fantastic service and higly trained staff! Thank you!

    Melissa - Host

  • I have tried out Keesy for 2 check-ins at late night. Awesome! A special thanks to the staff that is always avaliable, kind and professional in helping my guests with their registration process! I was a bit hesitant at the beginning, but at the end my guests were really satisfied..

    Margherita - Host

  • Some of my guests choose the self check-in because they prefer a flexible schedule for their arrival or a private, easy and fast check-in process. Keesy works perfectly! Thank you!

    Diana - Host

  • The check-in process via the Keesy Point was very easy and a great feature to the home!

    John - Guest

  • Easy convenient!

    Eleanor - Guest

  • The assistance at the Point is accurate, attentive and functional to the requests... They send documents of guests to the police, collect the City Tax and and tranfer it to your bank account (or any option you choose) and provide you customizable messages for guests.. You can do anything else and stay up do date with notification messagges

    Marialaura - Host

  • Excellent service, the assistance is very kind. Well done.

    Martina - Guest

  • Thanks to Keesy and an efficient organisation of my guests I can live in Barcelona and manage everything from here, with 4 apartments I can’t imagine asking for anything more!...not to mention that the customer care service is excellent and available at all times if you need it! Definitely ten out of ten!!

    Andrea - Host

  • I used the Keesy service to check-in a guest who was due to arrive in the middle of the night, and I found it useful, efficient, accurate and professional. Easy-to-use, with an App that is truly well-designed and functional. My guest was also very impressed. I'll use it again and would definitely recommend it

    Roberto - Host

  • At the beginning I was very sceptical but once I had tried it out, I soon became a fan. Making a purchase, entering a booking and delivering the keys are all easy to do and in any case you are constantly assisted. I put them all to the test and it’s true! The point is very pleasant and would definitely put anyone at their ease. The most important part: my customers have found it easy to get to the point and to the house and most of all, 5 stars at the check in!

    Chiara - Host

  • Initially I found it a brilliant idea. My only fear was how the customers would react... But all my doubts vanished instantly when all my customers complemented me on the handiness of the service which, as well as checking them in and out, also allows them to leave their luggage there in storage. The fact that guests can arrive whenever they want is ultra-convenient and even when they get there at night they can access the apartment problem-free.

    Niccolò - Host

  • Just installed it yesterday and tried it out immediately! Easy, intuitive and fast! Checking-in takes all of 2 minutes and there is help constantly on hand if you have any doubts or problems! Excellent app and excellent staff!

    Martina - Host

  • This is a really convenient service, and quiet secured.

    Yuansheng - Guest

  • I wasn't able to check in the guests because I was abroad, so I used Keesy, and I was very happy with it. I had no problems using it. I highly recommend it!

    Stefano - Host

  • Easy, quick and useful. I used Keesy on New Year’s Eve and it worked a treat. The guests checked in and were delighted to have access to the house when they wanted it and so was I! I wasn’t in Florence and it would have been difficult for me to organise. I'd recommend it to everybody!

    Silvia - Host

  • Keesy is really useful for managing my apartments. No more lengthy waiting periods and Sunday check-ins. The system is really easy to use. Everything is explained clearly to the guests. I will definitely use it again.

    Magda - Host

  • The service offered is very convenient and the app is really easy to use. The staff is very kind and always ready to help. I highly recommend it for anyone who always, or sometimes, needs to manage hosting at a distance!

    Claudia - Host

  • An excellent service from every point of view. The staff is highly experienced, easy to contact and kind. The app is very intuitive. I have just started using it but all my guests who have tried it have found it easy and reliable; they appreciate the freedom that comes from having no time constraints!

    Tommaso - Host

  • "Why don't we go to the seaside?" .."But I have to check-in a guest at 12!" Don't panic, Keesy is here and with just a few steps on the computer, you'll never have to say no the beach! Being able to decide at the last minute is priceless. Thanks!

    Annalisa- Host

  • Excellent service, especially for “after-hours” check-in; it’s easy to leave the keys and have guests pick them up!

    Frida - Host

  • The “Digital” system is helping me in many situations in which I would not be able to welcome guests personally. All of the guests are happy that they can choose the arrival time that works best for them and no one has ever encountered problems... I find that this system works excellently if integrated with the classical one... Make sure to include payment of the deposit as soon as possible!

    Simonetta - Host

  • It’s 2340 and I’m lying back comfortably, reading a good book and chatting on whatsapp with the guest who’s in a taxi on his way to the apartment. At 0019, I simulatenously receive two messages, one from Keesy: "check-in completed" and another one from the guest: "got the keys"... 0028 fantastic! I get back to my book, hoping that the Sandman gets her on time too!

    Barbara - Host

  • Easy and smart! I'm a host and Keesy is essentials, it simplifies my tasks at a good price. Good and kind customers' assistance. Nice app, (even has to be improved), user-friendly for host and also for guest.

    Laura - Host

  • Excellent service! I recommend it and I hope soon the opening of new points in Italy. Well done!

    Michele - Host

  • Thanks to Keesy I was able to manage the short rents of a family apartment in Florence staying in Milan; it has always been very appreciated by the guests who found it very comfortable .. the environment of the Keesy Point is very nice and pleasant. The multilingual assistance is 24/7, it's very well managed. Also the indications on the monitor are available in many languages.

    Virginia - Host

  • I have been using Keesy for several months. The service is very valid. The automatic registration of guests is excellent. Customer support always present. If they were not there I would be lost.

    Fabio - Host

  • Excellent service, young and efficient people. I recommend you try it.

    Gabriele - Host

  • Keesy is an easy way to get your key when you are travelling to another city and the host can't welcome you personally. It's very central, easy to handle, safe and the staff is very friendly and helpful! We were 100% satisfied and would always recommend the service with Keesy! Thank you for making our arrival so pleasant!!

    Paula - Guest

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